Effect EM on Agriculture

Many farmers has been faces with many problem such as low soil productivity, low yield, pest and disease at their farms. It can lead to loss which more money will be used in order to get the better farm. Using EM will improve crop and pasture yields and enhance fertilizer performance.

Result / Effect after apply EM

Enhancing fertilizer output Break down fertilizer compounds Fixing atmospheric nitrogen Improve root structures Break down pollutant in the soil Decompose organic residue Reduce soil compaction Increase earthworm numbers

How to apply on plant?

> Soak the seed into EMAS (1:500 dilutions) for half to one hour, and then plant the seed in the soil.
> For vegetative propagator such as potatoes, sugar cane or ginger: soaking time is 5 minutes.
> Spray EMAS (1:200 dilution) before transplanting to facilitate growth.
> Waters or spray yor plant once a week with EMAS (1:500) for soil and plant improvement.
> Note: These rates are only guideline. For further question, kindly contact us for advisory. We will help you friends.

Improvement of Working Environment

EM consists of naturally derived microorganisms which are healthy and environmentally friendly. Putting goggles, masks and protective clothing on when spraying EM is not necessary. EM never pollutes water systems in a similar way.

Lowering Environmental Burden

EM is manufactured from naturally-derived material. It is easy to be decomposed after use, and, therefore, EM never pollutes groundwater. Instead, it purifies soil, groundwater, lakes and rivers, thereby reducing environmental burdens