Restaurant is a business that prepares and serves food and drinks to customers. Meals are generally served and eaten on the premises. Then people will come to the restaurant they like based on food, their service way and cleanliness either inside or outside the restaurant. The problem is they are facing problems with pest or insect that attracts to food and garbage because of odour. To maintain cleanliness, the restaurant owner will use a chemical product. That should we as a human must avoid from using chemical, it will give bad effect in the long term of our bodies. Using EM for all these applications will take care of these problems and save the restaurant owner time and money.

Benefit using EMAS for Restaurant

  • Reduce ammonia/ bad odours
  • Reducing oil and fat
  • Reduce effluent
  • Clog drainage can be solved

How to apply EMAS at the restaurant?

Method Type Of EM Usage Frequency
Sink-Grease Trap EMAS Pour 300 ml EMAS into the sink before closing the restaurants Every 2 days
Restaurant Area EMAS • Use 1:100 for spraying at the floor, toilets, and drain. (1 ml EMAS:100 ml water without chlorine) • Pour 100 ml EMAS into drain • Pour 400 ml EMAS into toilet Once a week Everyday Everyday

Note: These rates are only guideline. For further question, kindly contact us for advisory. We will help you friends.