Peat Organic Products

Sustainable microorganism technology product for living things

The microorganisms involve in EM are Phototrophic Bacteria, Lactic Acid Bacteria and Yeast. These microbes create a symbiosis property between them and also to the area they were applied. There are many usages of EM for example for waste water treatment, animal husbandry, agriculture, aquaculture, buildings and also household application.


EM•1 is a sustainable microbial inoculant that achieves synergistic effects by combining beneficial microorganisms which exist in nature.


Molasses is a sugar that acts as a food source for the microorganisms.


EMAS/AEM is EM1 that has been cultivated with Molasses. It is more efficient than EM-1 because the microbe is active and have high CFU/ml content.