100% Water Recycling System in Shrimp Production

100% Water Recycling System in Shrimp Production

Located in Phetchaburi province, approximately 160km southwest from Bangkok, Ms Nittaya’s eco-friendly shrimp farm covers about 320,000m2 with 6 cultivation ponds (completely covered with plastic sheets) of 0.5ha each.

Besides cultivation ponds, it also has a nursery where larvae are grown until they weight 1g, which is when they are ready to be moved into cultivation ponds.

Ms Nittaya’s farm grows Vannamei shrimp without using antibiotics and production is approximately 160-170 tons/year harvested all year round.

EMRO Asia, our partner in Thailand, is working on a joint project with Ms Nittaya to establish a safe and environmentally friendly production system applying EM Technology.

Location: Phetcfhaburi , Thailand


What distinguishes Ms Nittaya’s farm especially from other conventional farms is: – EM Technology is applied to control water quality and settle a closed water recycling purification system for replacing the ponds’ water. – Shrimps grown at this farm are safe, free of antibiotics and additives. – Shrimp production is strictly controlled by a Senior technical officer dispatched from EM Research Organization in Japan to EMRO Asia.


Ms Nittaya’s farm achieved a 100% closed water recycling system with EM Technology and even prevents risks from external shrimp infections. This achievement means an environmental pollution-free and land destruction-free model farm. In October 2019, Nittaya farm was granted the BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) Certification for meeting the standards of Environmental Responsibility, Animal Health & Welfare, Food Safety, Social Accountability and Traceability.