Catfish Raising By EM Application

Catfish Raising By EM Application

Mr. Wak Songprasert 212 Moo 6 Bantayom Tumbon Wattayom, Bangkratum District, Pitsanulok.
He has three fish ponds, in the area of three rai/4800 square meters, so one pond is about one rai (1600 square meters), there were 100,000-200,000 catfish. Before using EM he used chemicals and microorganisms which he bought from the market. He did not profit because of the high capital outlay. Sometimes he had a deficit. In 1994, he began to use EM in his pond.

Location: Bangkratum District, Pitsanulok



  1. After harvesting, sludge was dried for three days.
  2. Forty litres of multiplied EM diluted solution/rai (1600 square meters) was sprayed on sludge. 3. Then water was pumped into the pond about 1.5 meters high.
  3. Launched baby catfish,
  4. Commercial feed was mix with EM for baby catfish.
  5. After one week of launching, multiplied EM was sprayed in the fish pond.
  6. pH was measured if it was 7.5, it meant the water was good. If a foul smell occurred, multiplied EM would be sprayed.
  7. After eight months, they will be harvested. 9. He raises catfish two times a year.
  8. Around the edge of each fish pond, he planted chilli, eggplant, cucumber, lettuce, holy basil, sweet basil and guard etc.


1. Size ‘ 6-7 catfish/kilo 1. Net profit : 20,000 baht.
2. Weight/three pond : 35 tons (One kilo was 26 baht.) 2. There were a lot of catfish died.
3. Feed/crop/pond : 30,000 baht. 3. He got margin profit.
4. Income : 810,000 baht.
5. Net profit : 200,000 baht.
6. He receives income from selling vegetable everyday.
7. He rarely spends money for food.
8. The fish ponds were clean.
9. There was not any disease infestations.
10. Market price was high.