EM4 Application on Tilapia, Make Healthy and Fast Growth

EM4 Application on Tilapia, Make Healthy and Fast Growth

The growth of tilapia that is cultivated in moving water has very significant growth but tilapia that is cultivated in tarpaulin ponds with still water can also develop quickly, provided that its cultivation uses EM4 technology.

This is proven in the trials of tarpaulin ponds owned by PT. PLN (Persero) P3B Java Bali, with the application of EM4 technology, the cultivated tilapia looks healthy and has a fast growth rate. As revealed by one of the managers of the State Electricity Company CSR program, H. M Basuki, the use of EM4 Fisheries in tarpaulin ponds is very beneficial including being able to increase the body’s defences of fish so as to reduce the use of antibiotics, increase growth and size of fish, increase immunostimulant and energy efficiency and water quality management “Not only that, the use of EM4 can ferment the remainder of the feed, dirt, at the bottom of the pond and decompose ammonia, methane and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gases so that it can increase dissolved oxygen (DO) and the water becomes clean and there is no need for repeated water replacement,” he said.

What is clear, with EM4 technology we can maintain the environmental quality of aquatic biota and is safe as well as environmentally friendly. For Basuki, the superiority of this tarpaulin pond is a good opportunity for the development of tilapia aquaculture. Tarpaulin ponds can be applied for tilapia hatchery, nursery and enlargement to produce tilapia consumption and as a mother. The use of EM4 Fisheries can also be applied during the processing of tarpaulin ponds or during maintenance.


In base pond processing Organic fertilizer (cow dung, goat, chicken and others) which has been fermented (bokashi) is stored in sacks and placed on the sides of the pond and drained with water and left in 7 days, after that the hatchlings are ready to be spread. “It can also be fermented organic material for 4 – 7 days in the target pond before being drained of water,” he said. While in the maintenance period, after fry or seedlings are 1 month old, pour EM4 by 1-3 ppm/week/ha or when the water changes according to water conditions. 1 ppm = 1: 1 000,000 if the water level is 60 cm, then EM4 is needed as much as 6 litres, while the water level is 80 cm, 8 litres/ha is required). Judging from the prospects, both domestic and foreign are very promising, so it needs definite steps to increase production so that domestic and foreign needs can be met.


The tarpaulin pool with EM4 technology is very easy to clean. Fish growth can be stimulated, and fish yields do not smell mud. In addition, making and maintaining fish in tarpaulin ponds is also easier (technically) and cheaper (financially). Because of these advantages, fish farming in EM4 technology tarpaulin ponds continues to grow, including for the maintenance of tilapia. With this fish culture technique in the tarpaulin pond, people who have narrow land and limited water supply can also maintain fish around the house. Therefore, there is no need to hesitate anymore with the cultivation of EM4 tilapia fish, fish become healthy and fish growth will quickly develop.