EM4 Improving Pond Water Quality

EM4 Improving Pond Water Quality

Shrimp Enlargement Business is not a business with small capital, young shrimps selection, feed and care must be done extra to get maximum results, this is done by Harko, shrimp businessman from Jakarta who has a shrimp enlargement business in Binuangeun, Banten.

Harko who also works as a food entrepreneur, being careful enough because he doesn’t want to rashly use probiotic products on shrimp ponds.

“I don’t want to lose hundreds of millions, shrimp enlargement business is not a small capital business, shrimp needs special handling, shrimp is very vulnerable to various factors, from disease, water quality and so on,” he explained. In order not to experience big losses, this friendly man often tests the product before he applies it to his ponds.

The probiotic he intends to use will be in the trial first, some ponds are made and used as product testing grounds, assisted by his subordinates. Observations are made on the effect of the product given to the water and the pond. The best product as well as the great benefits in the later
enlargement of the shrimp that he chose and used.

“Not only probiotics, for food, vitamins, and various other products, must pass the test and we see the results, whether there is an influence on shrimp or the accompanying disease. The best-tested products will be applied to ponds, “he explained.

Location: Binuangeun, Banten


One of the products that have been tested is EM4. From a number of similar products that were tested, EM4 products showed positive results and were better than other competitors on shrimp ponds. On ponds that had been applied EM4 technology, he saw agile shrimp moving, fast shrimp growth and the brightness of pond water is good. Vaname shrimp species that are cultivated rapidly increase in weight so that they can be harvested more quickly. “The initial EM4 trial showed positive results, good water brightness, clean shrimp stomach with no dirt, meaning that shrimp do not eat mud because of the availability of feed available, shrimp grow rapidly, shrimp can be harvested faster than before,” explained Harko. Armed with these positive results, he will conduct further tests to produce the right decision. EM4, one of the products that has been go through the initial testing phase. EM4 pond products showed quite positive results compared to the other three products, through the same treatment, EM4 ponds were superior, in improving pond water quality, level of pond water clarity, availability of natural feed, shrimp movement agile and fast shrimp growth. Through these results, EM4 will be further tested before being applied to an area of 8 hectares and subsequently expanded to 25 hectares of shrimp ponds.


PT. Songgolangit Persada (SLP) as the EM-4 distributor was specifically involved to guide as well as provide a brief training on the application of EM-4 in shrimp ponds. The SLP Team gave short training to dozens of the fishpond employees in Saung Endik. Good to know that EM4 Fisheries and Ponds are EM culture that is beneficial, useful for increasing bacteria decomposing organic matter, suppressing the growth of pathogenic bacteria, stimulating digestive enzymes and improving water quality in ponds. EM4 can also increase shrimp growth and endurance, ferment leftovers, faeces, shrimp shells at the bottom of ponds, increase dissolved oxygen (DO) and decompose ammonia, methane and hydrogen sulfide gases so that water quality increases in ponds. The SLP team explained the EM-4 application, starting from giving EM-4 in the pond bottom processing to the maintenance stage and making EM Bokashi Super for the pond. EM Bokashi Super on ponds can accelerate the growth of plankton so that plankton as a natural source of shrimp is available. Through this short training, field staff can apply EM-4 appropriately so that in the process of further trials it is hoped that maximum results can be obtained, and EM4 can be applied to these farms.