Environmental and Human Friendly Restaurant

Environmental and Human Friendly Restaurant

Famous Grilled Chicken Chain Restaurant in Peru, Pardos Chicken is a chain restaurant founded in 1986 and popular for its delicious grilled chicken at the most Peruvian style.

Today it has 26 restaurants; 11 are their own restaurants and 15 are franchises including a restaurant in Santiago de Chile. EM Technology is applied to treat the grease traps of 6 of their restaurants.

Peru environmental regulations for commercial kitchen stipulates a maximum index for effluents as follows:

BOD 500ml/L
COD 1000ml/L
Total Solids 500ml/L Fats and oils 100ml/L

Location: Pardos Chicken, Peru


Pardos Chicken Magdalena sees that even though their staff clean up their 5 portable grease traps 3 times a day every day with chemical products, their effluents index were slightly over the law stipulations. They started cleanup every portable grease trap at the first time of the day, 7:00 am to 8:00 am, then after lunch and at the end of the day at midnight. This operation took much time for the staff but if they, not cleanup the traps, the fat accumulated produced bad odours, clog the drainage pipes and cannot accomplish the law standards. The restaurant has also a general grease trap that collects the final drained water from all five traps and had to be also sucked out by a vacuum truck every month. Pardos Chicken cares about the environment so they create a system in their sinks to minimize the flowing of solids. Their sinks have two levels of filters, one stainless plate with holes and a net in the drainage hole. However, they could not accomplish the law stipulations and were concerned about their staff health who had to use a lot of detergents and chemical products. Pardos Chicken met with EM Technology and started to apply it into their grease traps in May 2017. They apply Activated EM directly to the sink that conducts the portable grease traps at the end of the day only once every day. Since the EM application, they only clean up the traps only twice a week against three times a day every day before using EM.


**April (before EM)** BOD 1190ml/L COD 1302ml/L Total Solids 240ml/L Fats and oils 248ml/L **May (after 1 month of EM application)** BOD 113.7ml/L COD 128.5ml/L Total Solids 31.6ml/L Fats and oils 12.3ml/L Thanks to the good results, they use the vacuum truck to suck the general grease trap only once every two months against every month before EM application. Therefore, they save approximately 30% to 40% of money corresponding to chemical products and vacuum truck operations. The manager explains that they are happy to discover EM because not only effluents quality improved but also prevent their staff to be exposure to quantities of chemicals while saving time of work operation. He added that Pardos Chicken’s mission is “to be happy and make their guests, staff and all the community happy” so they are fulfilling their mission with the use of EM.