Happy Sheep with Stomach Recovered

Happy Sheep with Stomach Recovered

Mr Mario Kalek-Nageldinger has been using EM Technology for 12 years for his sheep in Berkatal, Germany.

About 3 years ago, he heard in the Deutschlandfunk Science News that malnutrition and undernourishment lead to the loss of Lactobacillus Plantarum from the gut microbiome and that it would not be possible to settle the Lactobacillus Plantarum later in the microbiome.

This loss not only leads to inhibition of growth, but also to inhibition of brain development.

Mr Kalek-Nageldinger observed some changes on his sheep applying EM Technology.

Location: Berkatal, Germany



Two years ago, he had a massive infestation of red stomach worms in the male lambs. Unfortunately, until the right diagnosis was made and the right deworming medicine was found, two out of five died.

Of the remaining three, one was very sick and had to be stabilized with an infusion before the deworming medicine could be administrated.

The other two were emaciated but otherwise behaved quite normally.

The two emaciated were given an additional 30ml of EM・1 every two days besides the daily EM drinking water.

The most affected lamb received 60ml of EM・1 mixed with coal and ceramic powder every day. After the deworming medicine works, the lamb lost the wool and was then quite happy.


At the slaughtering date in winter Mr Mario Kalek-Nageldinger was a bit surprised. The two lambs who consumed the lowest EM Dosis had carcass weights of only 7-8kg and testicles developed with the size of pigeon eggs. The most affected lamb had 12kg and had normally developed testicles. Mr Kalek-Nageldinger thinks that it was an indication that the resettlement of L. Plantarum could work after all. In this way, he also thinks that EM could help people affected by the humanitarian crisis to have normal physical development and not deprive them of a healthy life. The sheep of Mr Kalek-Nageldinger are doing very well and he thinks that this kind of disasters will not happen again with his experience. For further information, please contact our partner in Germany at: EMRO EHG Deutschland GmbH (EMRO Office) Galgenbergstr. 3/1, 74626 Bretzfeld-Schwabbach Tel:+49-7946-947-351 Fax:+49-7946-947-510 Email: info@emro-ehg.de Web: http://www.emro-ehg.de/