Larger Shrimp Ponds With EM4

Larger Shrimp Ponds With EM4

It doesn’t need much feed if the shrimp has been applied with EM4 as experienced by Hok’s shrimp pond (45), a resident of Sumber nasi, Banyuwangi, Surabaya. “By using bokashi as the basis for the pond media, shrimp has obtained the natural feed (Plankton) produced by bokashi,” said Hok who was determined to be a shrimp farmer.

Location: Banyuwangi, Surabaya


“By using EM4 fisheries, within three months, the pond looks big,” said Hok. But this man of Chinese descent is still having trouble using the right dose for his 6-hectare pond. Therefore, he invited PT. Songgolangit Persada to control and provide a proper explanation regarding the correct application of the use of EM4 fisheries. Actually the pond application pattern with EM4 has bright prospects for conquering traditional ponds which have been hard to search for answers to the problems faced by these farmers. The problems faced are; for example slow shrimp growth, durability and susceptibility to disease.


Deterioration in water quality caused by waste is a major problem that is often faced by traditional farmers. These wastes will cause toxic gases that cause outbreaks of disease in shrimp due to stress. The waste will also cause production to decline and cause death. Raharko also suggested regulating proper planting, because climate and temperature factors can also affect water quality such as temperature, water pH and oxygen penetration in water. To avoid failures due to climate and temperature can also be done by setting the right planting time.