Largest Tomato Grower

Largest Tomato Grower

ZZ2 is the largest tomato grower in South Africa, but it also produces appreciable quantities of onions, avocados, apples and pears to local and world’s export markets. It has a 22,000 Ha area of nature conservancy. ZZ2 has been using EM in its eco-agricultural production activities since 2002.

Approximated production (in tons per year):

  • 200,000-220,000 T/Y tomatoes
  • 30,000 T/Y avocados
  • 9,200 T/Y onions
  • 12,000 T/Y apples & pears


Location: Disease-resistant Vegetables, South Africa


Compost and mulch culture without inorganic nitrogen resulted in a 30% increase in the calcium content of fruits.
ZZ2 has reduced almost 100% of chemical fumigation after the application of EM Technology as well as gained considerable savings. Further, plant diseases had been controlled and the roots have performed a better development.


They also make approximately 1,500,000 L/year of what they called as “compost tea” made of cow manure, humic acids, kelp and other ingredients.
Furthermore, they also produce FPE (Fermented Plant Extract) made of garlic, lemon and other ingredients fermented with EM to prevent plants from harmful insects.