Love for Growing Tomatoes

Love for Growing Tomatoes

Located in Nanjo City, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, Mini Tomatoes and Midi Tomatoes have been growing in Arakaki Farm for 36 years with the help of EM Technology in several areas such as soil improvement, foliar application, fertilizer, irrigation, raising seedlings, greenhouse cleaning and antioxidant.

Location: Okinawa, Japan


Mr Arakaki takes care of the tomatoes as if they were his children. “The name ‘EM’ did not exist in my mind when I first started using it. But I started using EM, because I wanted to make something delicious and healthy” Activated EM・1 is applied to the soil and left to undergo a soil solarization process. This is carefully treated for over half a year, as a result, pests that could enter from the outside are repelled. Even when they operate with a no-tillage policy, they do not have cropping problems for continuously cropping nor diseases.


A 33 year old greenhouse is used and maintained with EM Technology making it clean, with little to no rust and has an antioxidant air in it. Midi Tomatoes are remarkably sweet and very popular in hotel restaurants, due to this, they are grown with great care in the greenhouse.