No More Claims for Stench

No More Claims for Stench

The Municipal Slaughterhouse of Guayaquil, located in the centre of the city, is surrounded by houses and business sectors.

The Slaughterhouse processes approximately 1,000 animals per day, producing large loads of organic waste and bad odours.

Administration officials, in search of a solution to eliminating odours and accumulation of animal dropping, selected EM Technology after competitive bidding.

Location: Guayaquil, Ecuador


The Slaughterhouse scale is of 1,180ha and processes approximately 450 cows and 480 pigs per day. They has approximately 100 staff.

EM Technology was introduced on March of 2017.

They use straight Activated EM・1 (AEM) spraying every working day into: 16 corrals for cows, 3 corrals for pigs, waste pit, floors and surrounding open spaces.Furthermore, AEM is also poured directly into the waste septic tank and drains every day in operations.


Today, EM Technology is successfully applied in the slaughterhouse, eliminating bad odors and avoiding the use of chemical products. The General Manager expressed: “We are working with EM for only 5 months now (August 2017) and we are very happy with the results! Before, we had guests who claimed that stench was too strong, but, guests do not complain anymore. They even say that this place smells like bread or cookies by the effect of EM and molasses! I think EM has been very effective for our goal.” For further information please contact our partner in Ecuador at: EMBIOECSA (EMBIOTEC ECUADOR S.A.) Ciudadela La Garzota, Etapa 1 Manzana 15, Solar 2, Guayaquil, Ecuador Tel: +593-99-908-7853 email: