Tilapia Fish is a Promising Business

Tilapia Fish is a Promising Business

Who does not know tilapia, for freshwater fish enthusiasts must be familiar with its deliciousness. Tilapia is a promising commodity that is consumed by our society.

The meat is soft and thick, can be filled, not a lot of bones can be sold in a state of life or death, easy to process, making this tilapia much loved by Indonesian cuisine lovers. Because it is widely cultivated with the aim of seeking profits. This freshwater fish commodity is the second largest after catfish, followed by carp, catfish, carp, pomfret and others. This fish is also one of the fishes that become export commodities, with the demand that tends to increase every year.

Some companies have been regularly exporting tilapia to America and Europe. In addition, it is not only consumed by the housing community but is also expanding into restaurants, supermarkets, restaurants and hotels. So the business of cultivating tilapia is increasingly promising.

Location: Praya Mantang Praya, Central Lombok


Sulhan (40), a tilapia farmer on Jalan Praya Mantang Praya, Central Lombok. Every day he is able to meet the needs of the community for freshwater fish reaching 5 tons per day. Not to mention the demand for several hotels in Bali. “Through a joint effort of about 30 groups of tilapia fish farmers, we meet the needs of the community for the provision of tilapia in Lombok,” he said. In cultivating tilapia, of course, it must pay attention to the right way, so that the business produces profits. Therefore, you should be familiar with the potential and procedures for raising tilapia that can be done simply but have competitive quality.


Another advantage possessed by tilapia which makes it easy to be cultivated is that tilapia can live in all kinds of waters and various conditions. With good technology and environmentally friendly (probiotics) tilapia are fast developing. Especially with EM4 technology. This is what makes tilapia almost acceptable to all levels of society and all ethnicities, so it is not difficult to find tilapia in all markets in Indonesia. The price range for tilapia certainly varies in each cultivation centre, depending on the amount of demand and the supply of agricultural products. But the price of fish in Java is lower than outside Java. Under normal conditions, prices at the level of farmers are averaged from various regions around Rp. 19 thousand per kilogram. At present, saline tilapia has been developed which can be cultivated in salt water (sea) and according to some sources, Indonesia is the second-largest tilapia producer country after China. For this reason, tilapia aquaculture is currently much appreciated by the community and its business opportunities are still very wide open. Not only that, the tilapia aquaculture business does not need to worry about the continuation of this business in the future. This is because in their own country the need for animal protein is higher, given the increasing growth rate. The need for animal protein can be obtained from fish, especially tilapia. Also, note that tilapia fish farming is divided into several options. Among these are tilapia hatchery businesses. Given the increasing consumption of tilapia makes the need for tilapia fish seeds also higher. That way, there is a gap that can be utilized to enter the hatchery business. True tilapia is easy to breed. just provide the land and some equipment needed for the hatchery business. Don’t forget to get a good broodstock so that the hatchery runs smoothly. Kemuadian tilapia enlargement efforts, this choice can actually get more benefits than hatchery. Therefore, the risk of fish death is relatively small compared to hatcheries. In addition, the selling price of ready-to-harvest tilapia is also more expensive than the seed. However, if you want to start an enlargement business you must be patient and be prepared to spend more capital. This is because the harvest time ranges from 4 months since the seeds are sown. So, in this time must be ready to feed him regularly so that growth can be optimal.