Using Eco Pig Feed

Using Eco Pig Feed

Mr Elliot Telles, a second-generation owner of Jay’s Hog Farm has been using EM Technology for his pig farm that is a clean family-owned operation.

They recycle the food waste collected from restaurants and cook it to feed their 480 pigs on the farm.

Location: Hawaii, United States of America


They have been spraying AEM (Activated EM・1) in the area they cook down the food waste in 2500 gallon (approx. 9500 liters) vessels and around the pigs since April 2018. The specific microbes in EM help to ferment and digest the odours at the source. EM also disrupts the life cycle of the flies and the maggots are not able to mature into adult flies.


In three months, they noticed the large population of flies decreased and odours were eliminated. Moreover, they are happy to see the lagoon that holds the wastewater in the farm has been clearing up. The pigs are grown in a safe, stress-free environment with lots of room to roam. Mr Elliot Telles, the owner, happy with his healthy pigs For further information, please contact our partner in Hawaii at: EM Hawaii, LLC Na Lama Kukui, Suite 217A, 560 North Nimitz Highway, #65 Honolulu, HI 96817 USA Tel: 1-808-548-0396 Fax: 1-808-548-0396 Email: Website: