Waste Water Treatment in a Milk Factory

Waste Water Treatment in a Milk Factory

In Cargills Quality Dairies(Pvt) Ltd., the second-largest milk factory in Sri Lanka, they have great result with treating wastewater from the factory, using EM.

The factory discharges 450,000L of wastewater per day. At the inlet, Activated EM・1 is added every week to start treating the wastewater.

Location: Sri Lanka


The wastewater is separated into fluid and solid matter (fat). The fat is transferred to a fat dome where they also throw EM in twice a week. Fat Dome Before the introduction of EM, the fat dome could not process separated fat well. The water used to remain white even after going through the fat dome, and its odour was terrible. With EM application, the dome performs its role perfectly to treat the fat with fermentation and the processed water became grey, instead of white colour. (*The colour of the water is usually darker when the fat is processed well.) The fat is fermented with EM in the dome and put back to anaerobic tanks. After going through 2 different anaerobic tanks, the water is transferred to aerobic tanks for the rest of the treatment process.


As a result of the use of EM, the terrible odour is now gone. The final pond, filled with treated water used to be green with water-bloom, but it became clear and transparent.